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Sri Lanka Visa Online - ETA Sri Lanka 

An ETA is an official authorization that allows you to have a short trip to Sri Lanka. ETA is usually issued electronically, and it provides a trustworthy, efficient, and smooth service to people who are traveling to Sri Lanka. Once your ETA is approved, you do not require any photographs, passport copies, or documents for the application process of obtaining a visit visa for Sri Lanka. After the approval, you are given a thirty-day online e-visa for Sri Lanka upon arrival at the first entry on any port of Sri Lanka most popular in Colombo.

Moreover, you do not have to endorse the ETA Sri Lanka on your passport. Visit Visa For Sri Lanka – Are You Eligible?

Yes, you need a visit visa for Sri Lanka; however, certain nationals do not need an ETA – say what? Yes, you heard it right. Here is a short-list of nationals who will not be needing ETA for traveling to Sri Lanka:

These nationals are free from the obligation to obtain ETA for an online visa for Sri Lanka to visit there for thirty days, and it is because Sri Lankan nationals also get their free visas upon arrival in the following countries.

  • The Republic of Maldives.
  • The Republic of Singapore.
  • The Republic of Seychelles.

Also, the following categories do not require ETA:

  • Members of the crew, be it a flight or a ship.

In What Ways You Can Apply For ETA? – All You Need To Know

  • You can apply for ETA Sri Lanka by yourself.
  • Get it done through a third party.
  • At the Embassy of Sri Lanka or overseas missions.
  • At the head office of the Immigration and Emigration Department.
  • On your arrival at the entry port.

Types of Sri Lankan Visa

  • Short Visit Visa.
  • Business Visa.
  • ETA for tourism purposes that provides double entry for about thirty days.
  • ETA for business purposes that provides double entry for thirty days.
  • Transit Visa.
  • ETA for transit for about two days in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Tourist Visa Category

These are the following that comes under the category of tourist visa:

  • Visiting relatives and friends.
  • Sightseeing and holidays.
  • Medical purposes, such as treatment and other related things.
  • Participation in events, sports, and activities that relate to cultural performances.

When To Apply For The ETA Sri Lanka?

ETA application can be submitted ninety days earlier before you arrive. Once you have obtained your ETA, you can enter Sri Lanka under three months starting from the issuance date. After you arrive in the country, you can stay up to thirty days, and you will have a dual-entry visa. It basically means that you can leave and return to Sri Lanka within thirty days on the same tourist visa for Sri Lanka. Your ETA Sri Lanka will remain valid for about six months, and you cannot obtain another new ETA unless the old one expires. You can apply for the extension of Sri Lankan visa at the Department of Immigration and Emigration visa section and get it extended for up to ninety days starting from the date of arrival.

On Arrival Sri Lanka Visa For Tourist

You can get a tourist visa on your arrival in Sri Lanka. However, it is always better to get Sri Lanka e-visa before the date of your travel. Visa Processing For Sri Lanka – How Long Does It Takes? The process of obtaining an online e-visa for Sri Lanka is easy. After you submit your application with all of your information online, you might have to wait for around a couple of hours to get a response from the authorities.

How To Apply for Sri Lankan e-Visa Online – Steps You Need To Follow

Step 1 – Online ETA Visa Application Processing

For submitting an application form for obtaining Sri Lankan e-visa online, you need to visit:

This is the only site authorized for ETA issuance. Any other site that claims to provide you ETA might charge you an extra fee or will not meet the legal requirements.

Once you are done filling your application of tourist visa for Sri Lanka, click apply.

Completing The Required Details In Sri Lanka Visa Application Form

What to fill in for address in Sri Lanks and flight details? – Sri Lanka Visa Requirements

In the flight detail section, you will input your inbound flight number, i.e., your flight to the entry port. Immigration uses it for planning approximate passenger volume.

As far as the address section is concerned, enter the details of your first accommodation where you will stay after you arrive in the country.

Individual ETA or group ETA – Which one is better for a group or family?

Even if you have submitted a group application, each member will get his individual ETA. The major benefit of this option is that it takes less time and data entry. The details such as dates, flights, and accommodation are the same for every group member. Also, you have to pay a total fee as a single payment.

Rechecking details before submission

Check all the details before submitting your Sri Lankan e-visa online application. This is done in order to avoid any type of mistakes that can lead to problems on departure or arrival. Keep in mind that immigration authorities are very strict in this regard. For example, the passport number mentioned on your electronic travel authorization that you received online must match with your passport’s machine-readable section. A minor mistake can become a reason for you to buy another visa.

Step 2 – Paying For Visa Processing Fee

Payment is made through an online payment system where you are required to use your electronic cards (debit cards/credit cards). Bear in mind that only Master, American Express, and Visa cards can be used to make online payments for visa processing fee. Also, this fee is not transferable and non-refundable.

Step 3 – Receiving ETA Sri Lanka Status Acknowledgement

Once your Sri Lanka ETA visa application is submitted, you will shortly get a referral notice. Now you can contact the Department of Immigration and Emigration for the mandatory ETA visa Sri Lanka.

When your application and payment are confirmed, you will receive an acknowledgment from your bank and also an email from the Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka.

Step 4 – Getting Referral Notice or ETA Approval

After the steps mentioned above, you will get a follow-up email from the Department of Immigration and Emigration Sri Lanka. In this, you will get your ETA approval.

Step 5 – Checking The Status

For checking the status of your ETA application, you can visit the website. Also, you can contact the 24/7 help center for ETA inquiries on

Upon filling in your ETA reference number, you will be updated about the status of your ETA application. Once you see ‘APPROVED,’ you can start packing up your bags!

If your ETA gets rejected, you will receive a referral notification where you will be asked to contact your nearest Sri Lanka Overseas Mission in order to get the necessary assistance.

If you have not received any referral notice and you have waited for too long, check the spam filter of your inbox. If still, you get nothing, you can contact the Immigration Department.

What To Do Before You Board On Your Flight To Sri Lanka?

Before the day of your departure, you must obtain some sort of flight confirmation. It is not a rule that the return flight will be within thirty days. You can enter the country having a tourist ETA, and later, you can extend your visa before the expiry date. This does not go against immigration rules.

Moreover, your passport must be valid for around six months, starting from the date of arrival in the country.

Sri Lanka visa fee

If you are trying to find the exact cost of online e-visa for Sri Lanka, here’s a quick guide for you:

Cost of visit visa for Sri Lanka with double entry for thirty days and obtained before arrival:

  • $55 for SAARC nationalities
  • $69 for all other nations.

Transit Visa Sri Lanka:

  • Single entry for two days. $40 For All nationals

Business visa Sri Lanka for thirty days with multiple entries:

  • $69 for members of SAARC
  • $85 for non-members.

What To Do After You Arrive At The Entry Port In Sri Lanka?

Once you arrive ta the entry port, you will need to have your original passport along with your ETA approval in order to obtain mandatory clearance from the immigration officer at the entry port.

Even though your passport number, date of birth, and other details are confirmed by the immigration for your ETA clearance, you must keep your confirmation email or screenshot of ETA approval status for the safe side. It can also help you to get through an ill-informed check-in agent of your airline.

You should also bring along a type of proof that can serve as evidence that you have enough funds for covering your expenses during your stay in Sri Lanka. This can include accommodation bookings that are confirmed, statement of your credit cards, bank statements, etc.

Is It Possible To Extend Visa While In Sri Lanka?

Once you arrive in Sri Lanka, you will fall in love with the attractions and breathtaking views, and it is possible that you would like to extend your stay. The initial limit of your ETA is thirty days from your arrival date in Sri Lanka.

If you want to extend your stay, you will be required to apply for an ETA extension, and you have to do it by spending a half-day in the entry port, Colombo. But make sure you do not overstay, as you can face fines.

How To Extend Short Visit Visa For Sri Lanka?

Your short visit visa can be extended for about ninety days starting from the arrival date in the first instance, and it can be extended to further ninety days in the second instance. It means that your shirt visit visa can be extended up to six months.

You can also buy a visit visa for three months, and that will include ETA for the initial thirty days. You can obtain it from Sri Lankan consulate/embassy before you fly.

Getting a short visit visa extension from one to three months is possible, and the process is straightforward. You provide the correct form, photos, evidence of sufficient funds, and payment fees.

What Are Some Alternative Ways To Apply For Sri Lanka Visa?

You can submit your ETA processing application via Sri Lanka Overseas Mission. All you need to do is to fill out an application form at your nearest Sri Lanka Embassy. Once you are done, you can hand this over to the visa officer along with the processing fee. Remember to confirm the payment type as it can vary from one embassy to another.

The Embassy will issue a short visit visa or ETA within three business days. An acknowledgment containing the reference number will be sent to the embassy as well as to you by Sri Lanka’s Department of Immigration and Emigration.

Via Third-Party

You can get it done through a third party such as travel agents, relatives, friends, airlines. They can apply for ETA on your behalf.

The process includes:

  • Ask your choice of the third party to submit your ETA application on your behalf.
  • They will submit your ETA application along with the processing free.
  • Upon successful application submission, you will be provided with an acknowledgment.
  • You will get your ETA referral or approval notice. If you get approved, you will obtain ETA for thirty days.
Submitting An ETA Approval Application At The Sri Lanka Entry Port

If you are traveling to Sri Lanks without getting approval beforehand, you have the option to obtain ETA at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA). It can include a long wait and extra fee.

It includes the following steps: Upon arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), you can immediately report to the counter for ETA issuance.

Fill in the application form for ETA approval.

Submit the application processing fee through the available payment method.

Obtain your referral notice or ETA approval notice.

If your application is approved, you will get ETA for thirty days.

Once you receive your ETA, you can report to the Immigration counter where you will be required to submit your passport.

Apply for e-Visa

Double Entry for 30 days

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