Sri Lanka visa for Thailand

Apply for Sri Lanka e-Visa

As a citizen of Thailand, you are authorized to travel to Sri Lanka without obtaining a standard visa. If you wish to visit Sri Lanka either for a tourist or business visa, you can simply acquire an E-visa Sri Lanka for Thailand. Since Thailand is eligible to get an ETA visa and can effortlessly travel to Sri Lanka. Hence, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill before applying for an E-visa of Sri Lanka for Thailand.


Sri Lanka visa requirements for Thailand

To apply for a Sri Lanka visa for Thailand, you will require to have certain documents that you must provide while traveling to Sri Lanka. These documents are necessary, which you will submit at the airport.

  • You must have a legal passport, which should be valid for up to a minimum of 6 months.
  • A valid email address through which you have applied and received the online form.
  • Print out of filled form in hard copy form.
  • The method of payment should be legal. You should have to pay your fees via a valid credit card or PayPal.

Hence, if you visit Sri Lanka for business purposes, there are some additional requirements that need to be fulfilled while applying. These requirements are:

  • A printout of the filled ETA application form, which you will show at the airport.
  • The visa letter should be attached with the application letter from the Sri Lanka business company.
  • Proofs that you have attended business meetings and conferences in Sri Lanka.
  • Departure and return Air tickets should be there.

Sri Lanka visa Fee for Thailand

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you would need to pay the ETA visa fee through a valid payment means. You can apply the fee from a bank account, credit card, or PayPal account. The cost of a Sri Lanka visa for Thailand relies upon the procedure type you selected, and it varies from 40 to 85 USD. Keep in mind that this fee is for a tourist visa. If you are applying for an E-visa for business purposes, you would require to pay 75 USD. After paying the visa fees and sending the ETA application form, your application would be processed by the immigration department and authorities. It would take at least 3 to 4 weekdays, and after processing. When you received your Visa, you would be staying for 30 days in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Visa extension for Thailand

Once your e visa app has been processed, you would get a visa for up to thirty days. If a visitor wants to stay for more than thirty days from the date of entry, you can apply for a visa extension. For this purpose, you need to visit the immigration office and get an eta extension application form from them. Fill up the form with the required information. Although the Sri Lankan visa for Thailand citizens needs to pay 75 USD, you would need to pay an extension fee to extend your Visa. The visa authorities would process your application, and it would take at least 2 to 3 days. Remember that you should apply for an extension application 3 to 4 days before your Visa gets expired. After processing, you would be eligible to stay for 120 days.



  1. What documents do I require for E-Visa?

Since we have mentioned all the requirements, which are crucial for traveling Sri Lanka, if you are visiting the country for tourism purposes, you need a passport, scanned pictures, and email address. If you want to visit for business purposes, the same requirements are needed along with some additional documents. You may visit the requirement section to know more.

  1. Can my Visa be canceled for some reason?

Yes, there are some reasons due to which there is a risk of your visa cancellation. That could be fake documents, inappropriate behavior in the country, or any other intention.

  1. Why should I go for a Sri Lankan ETA visa?

Online Visa has a lot of benefits. You can apply from anywhere and anytime through the internet. This process is time-saving and quite cheaper than the standard Visa. Besides, you do not need to visit an embassy to apply for Sri Lanka.


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