Sri Lanka Visa for France

Apply for Sri Lanka e-Visa

It's very common to possess some questions about planning a visit when the date of arrival is getting closer. Among these questions, you'll have which countries would require a visa for entry. Within the case of French citizens, many countries don't ask them for a visa, but Sri Lanka is an exception to the rule because its government asks them to possess a minimum of an eta. In other words, if you're France national you would like a visa to visit Sri Lanka, but you'll apply for an e-visa to form this process simpler and less tricky.


Keep in mind that with a Sri Lanka visa, also referred to as electronic travel authorization (eta), you'll stay within the country for 30 days in total. You will find out more information about this visa during this article, starting with some constant questions that a lot of travelers do.


Sri Lanka visa types for French citizens?

There are two sorts of visas. One for tourism purposes referred to as tourist eta, and one for business purposes called business eta. The foremost popular for European citizens, including French, is that the tourist eta.


Sri Lanka visa requirements for french passport holders

Before you continue with your application, remember that you simply must have these simple requirements, which are nothing out of the box:

  1. Complete Passport information
  2. Credit/debit card or PayPal account for the payment.

How long does it elaborate to apply for the Sri Lanka tourist visa?

You only need a couple of minutes to send your application with the site. Then, we'll look out of the remainder and we'll inform you about the status of the appliance by email.


How am I able to apply for a Sri Lanka tourist e-visa?

The application for a Sri Lanka tourist e-visa is extremely easy. It's only two steps:

In the first step, it will ask you to fill in your regular information. You furthermore may need to select the time interval from the choices mentioned above.

The second step will ask you to see the first step and make the payment.


What happens after processing this visa?

Once your application is completed, you'll receive the e-visa by email, so you do not need to affect the embassy. We roll in the hay for you so you do not waste valuable time. Then, you'll present a printed version of your tourist e-visa alongside your passport once you enter Sri Lanka, but it isn't a requirement since your eta is electronically linked to your passport.


Is flight booking mandatory before tourist eta?

The advance ticket is not mandatory before the visa.


How am i able to apply for my family or friends?

First of all, confirm to possess all the specified documents (you can check them at the start of this article). For less than one friend or loved one, just apply here introducing their data. Just in case you would like to use for quite one person, just click on ‘add new applicant’ within the form, then, you only need to complete the knowledge.


Extension of Sri Lankan visa

If you would like to remain for quite 30 days in Sri Lanka, you'll apply for an extension. The eta can be extended to 90 days from the date of arrival on the primary visit and an extra 90 days on the second visit, by requesting the department of immigration.


How do I do know if my tourist e-visa is approved?

We will notify you by email as soon because the sri lanka government approves your visa.


How long can visitors with a french passport stay in Sri Lanka with a tourist e-visa?


They can enter Sri Lanka for 30 days maximum in total. Remember that each one visits are strictly limited to business or tourism, so you should not seek paid work or employment.