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Sri lanka Visa Fees/ Cost

If you are planning to travel Sri Lanka for any purpose, either for business, tourism, or transit purposes, you can easily apply for an ETA or On-Arrival visa. But, for this purpose, you should know about the visa fee, which you would submit before getting a visa. The fee of tourist, business, and transit visa is different. Similarly, the E-visa and on-arrival visa fees are also diverse from each other. So, first of all, we would let you know about Sri Lanka ETA visa cost for tourism purposes.

Sri Lanka ETA Tourist Visa Fees

If you want to visit Sri Lanka for tourist purposes and apply for an online application, you would need to pay an ETA tourism fee. If you are from the country under SAARC, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, you need to pay 55 USD. But if you are the citizens of other than SAARC countries, then you would pay 69 USD. However, if you are traveling with children under the age of 12, they can travel free of cost. After paying the fee, you would be able to live in the country for a maximum of 30 days.

ETA Business Visa Fees

Although, if you travel Sri Lanka for business objectives, you would need to pay a higher fee than the tourist one. If you are a citizen of SAARC countries, you would require submitting 69 USD. And can be applied for multiple entries. However, if you are not from SAARC countries, you would require to pay 85 USD to get an ETA business visa. After submitting the dues, you would send the application to the Immigration Department, Colombo. It would take 6 to 7 days to process the application. After your visa has approved, you would be able to live in the country for 30 days in total.

On-Arrival Tourist Visa Cost

If you are not eligible to attain a Sri Lanka ETA, you can simply get an on-arrival tourist visa. You would get this visa right at the airport when you would reach there. Besides, the on-arrival visa is more expensive than an E-visa. However, the same rule applies on an on-arrival visa; if you are a citizen from any country under SAARC, you need to pay 55 USD. Whereas, if you are a citizen of other than SAARC countries, you would require to submit 69 USD. After submitting all requirements, you would get a tourist on-arrival visa for 30 days.

On-Arrival Business Visa Cost

If you are traveling Sri Lanka regarding your business intention, you can also acquire an on-arrival visa. The same process would be applied on a business visa; however, some additional documents would require. The on-arrival business visa for the national of SAARC countries costs almost 69 USD. Although, if you are from other countries, you need to pay 85 USD. Once you have cleared all dues, you would be able to stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days.

Sri Lanka Transit Visa

You need a transit visa when you are traveling to another country, but you want to enter the country while staying at the airport. This visa is for a short period. For this, you would also need a Sri Lanka visa for transit purposes. The fees are USD 40 for all nationals

The ETA visa is relatively cheaper, faster, and reliable than an on-arrival visa. But you can also visit Sri Lanka by an on-arrival visa.


  1. Can I extend my ETA or On-arrival visa?

Absolutely. You can easily extend your visa, either ETA tourist or business, or On-arrival tourist or business visa. The maximum number of days you may need is 180 days.

  1. How much does a visa extension need?

If you want to extend your visa, you need to visit the Sri Lankan Embassy. You require to submit certain documents and application forms. The fee of the Sri Lanka extension visa depends upon the number of extended days. It costs about 25 to 100 USD, and you can stay for a maximum of two more months.