Sri Lanka Transit Visa

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Getting a transit visa to Sri Lanka is a very easy procedure, but if you are not following the right path, you may get stuck on this road to get your dream transit visa. Before we start, let us clear your assumptions and vague concepts about transit visas.

Transit visa to Sri Lanka - Colombo

Our parents and their friends think that traveling through the old visa way is the most reliable one, but what they do not consider is the processing time. So, it is our responsibility first to understand the few primary differences between the regular visa and the transit visa to Sri Lanka.

The transit visa allows the traveler to stay in a country that comes in your traveling route. This layover stay varies for each country, but generally, you are only allowed to stay at the airport of that country for which you have obtained the transit visa.

So, a transit visa is mere, permission to stay at an airport in a country while traveling to another country. For the transit visa to Sri Lanka, you may need a transit visa to Srilanka when you wish to stay for a short period in Srilanka. You think it is necessary to choose the Srilankan state as a better place to relax and meet your friends on your way.

When do you need a transit visa to Srilanka?

Unlike other states, the Sri Lankan government is a bit lenient and pro; they do not ask you to apply for a tourist visa for a general stay at the airport. You should only apply for a transit visa to Srilanka when you visit somebody in Sri Lanka.     

Steps for getting a transit visa

These are some simple steps that can help you to get a transit visa to Srilanka.

  1. Submit an ETA

An electronic travel authority permit is necessary for a transit visa. You can apply for ETA online. To apply for the ETA, you need a valid E-mail address, a debit/credit card that is active and working.

Third on the list is your passport number, but for your passport, you should consider the validity criteria. Your passport must be with your new photograph, in which you are not wearing any accessories over your face. Secondly, the passport should not expire in the next four months period. 

  1. Air ticket

For the transit visa to Sri Lanka, you need to show your air ticket. You will scan your air ticket and attach the document with the application.

  1. Pay

Now you are supposed to pay online through your credit or debit card. The visa fee is USD 40.


NOTE: Applying for a transit visa to Srilanka is extremely simple. You are supposed to apply and wait for ETA approval, it would be approved within 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and after that, you are good to go with a great transitional stay in Sri Lanka.