Sri Lanka Visa for Indians

Apply for Sri Lanka e-Visa

Are you an Indian passport holder planning to travel to Sri Lanka this year? Do you want to know about Sri Lanka visa processing for Indians? Great! We have just the right information available for you. Just like every other country, Indian citizens must obtain a visa to travel to Sri Lanka. A visa allows passengers entry into the country, and thus it is necessary to obtain when they are all set to travel!


Visa On Arrival For Indians Citizens

If you have planned an urgent trip to Sri Lanka and you did not have much time to apply for a visa prior to your flight, no worries, there is a visa-on-arrival option for you.

Visa on arrival is given to Indian nationals traveling to Sri Lanka. They just need to make sure they have obtained an Electronic Travel Authorization beforehand. Moreover, their passport should be valid for at least three months starting from the date of their arrival in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lankan Visa Fees For Indians

The standard cost of a visa for Sri Lanka is:

Tourist visa for Sri Lanka – A tourist visa for Sri Lanka costs around $59, and it allows the visa holder to stay in the country for up to thirty days. However, this visa allows dual entry into the country.

Business Visa For Sri Lanka – The visa fee for a business visa is $75.


How To Apply For ETA Sri Lanka?

Indian nationals who are traveling to Sri Lanka for reasons including tourism, business, or transit must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for traveling to and within the country.


What Is An ETA?

Electronic Travel Authorization allows travelers to enter into a foreign country. Additionally, the procedure to obtain an ETA is simple and straightforward if compared to the typical process of getting a visa for Sri Lanka. You are only required to fill out an online application using your system or a mobile device.

Moreover, the process to apply for ana ETA keeps you from waiting for your turn while standing in a long queue upon your arrival in the country. Moreover, you do not have to make several visits to embassies and consulates for your visa application process.

Simply to say, by filling an online visa form, you can obtain ETA for Sri Lanka, and you can do it for these purposes:

  • Tourism purposes.
  • Business purposes.
  • Transiting through Sri Lanka.

Process of Applying For An ETA Sri Lanka – Indian Passport Holders

If you are ready to get your ETA, here is what you need to do:

  • Submit an online visa application form through the official website of Sri Lanka Visa.
  • Obtain your ETA via the email that you have mentioned in your application form.
  • Print your electronic travel authorization and take it with you when traveling to Sri Lanka. This way, you can show it to the immigration authorities if required.

Sri Lanka Visa Processing Time for Indians

Once you have filled the online application carefully along with other required documents, click submit. After that, you will receive your ETA within three days.


Sri Lanka Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

If you have already read all of the information mentioned above, you are ready to fill out your visa application. However, you must know what documents are required along with the visa form. Let’s have a closer look at this.

Indian national must meet all requirements for getting an online ETA for Sri Lanka, including:

  • A passport that has a validity period of up to six months, starting from the date of arrival.
  • A valid credit or debit through which the applicant will pay the visa processing fee.
  • An active email address. It is required because applicants will receive their ETA via this email.

After your visa is approved, Indian nationals traveling to Sri Lanka must meet some requirements regarding documents that they have to present upon their arrival in Sri Lanka at the entry port. These include:

  • A printed copy of their approved Sri Lankan ETA.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover their expenses during their stay in the country.
  • A ticket to a third destination or a return ticket to India.
  • Their valid visa and other travel documents. Also, if a passenger is traveling to a third destination, they must carry all travel documents with them.

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