Sri Lanka Visa for Americans

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Traveling to Sri Lanka is not very challenging if you are following the right suit. Like every state, the USA has some special laws and restrictions for international traveling. In this article, you will get a detailed view of what should be done to visit Sri Lanka. As the USA and Sri Lanka are both developed states, they acknowledge that international traveling is essential for economic growth. For their nations' greater interest, both the countries have devised some unique and modern ways for international traveling.


So being a US citizen, you must follow the under-mentioned steps to get a visa to Sri Lanka.


Types of Sri Lanka Visa For Americans

To answer this question, you can either analyze your goals of traveling to Sri Lanka. If you are going to meet your friends, family members, or just explore Sri Lanka's exotic culture, you must apply for a travel visa to Sri Lanka.

On the other hand, if you are somebody who wants to visit Sri Lanka for some business purposes, then you will have to apply for a business visa to Sri Lanka. There comes all the seminars, workshops, business meetings, and other such activities in business activity.


Another prevalent visa type is a student visa. Usually, USA citizens do not travel to Sri Lanka for studies, but those interested in research do need to go, so they will apply for a student visa. 


Eligibility criteria for Sri Lanka visa for U.S Passport Holders

  • The Sri Lankan immigration and emigration department is satisfied and has approved your documents.
  • The department of immigration has approved your purpose of visiting.
  • You have adequate funds to support you during your trip to Sri Lanka.


Things you need to apply for eTA Sri Lanka.

Here is a list of things you need to check and gather before applying for a visa to Sri Lanka. These are some necessary and essential documents that are a must for ETA, business, and residence Visa.


Your passport

You cannot apply without your passport. Before applying, make sure that your passport is valid; even if you apply today for a passport, you will get it within 14 days. For a Sri Lankan visa, you need a passport that is valid for the next six months. It is for your ease; with an expired passport, you may get stuck, and things will worsen.??????2


Online payment method

This is the last and easiest step, all of us have debit and credit cards, and online payment is not a great deal. If you do not have a debit/credit card, you can use your family member's card. The cost of a travel visa to Sri Lanka is 75 dollars for a standard visa.


Wait after applying

After you have filed the online application for ETA to Sri Lanka here, you will wait for the confirmation Email. The confirmation email will come with a document; you can print it if you want to, but it's ok if you have a screenshot of it. In the document, you will get an ETA number and other essential details.