Sri Lanka Business Visa

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A business visa is far different from a travel visa, and most people do not know the difference, so before we start, let us find out the difference between a travel visa and the business visa.

As the names imply a business visa, it is for business purposes. Those who seek business visas need to follow different criteria, as the recipient states would need to know the assets and the financial status of the upcoming businessman.

On the other hand, travel visas are only for pleasure and entertainment. For instance, if somebody plans to visit his family in Sri Lanka, he will apply for a Sri Lanka tourist visa. Still, if you are willing to start a business or open a Sri Lanka shop, then a business visa can be an option for you.

For each country, the business visa falls for a different set of activities. A person is only allowed to involve in those business activities that are on the permitted list. Other than that, the immigrant will have to seek some more official instructions.

Who is eligible for a Sri Lanka business visa?

Before claiming you are eligible for the Sri Lanka business visa, the officials will ask you the following questions.

  1. Are you going to a business meeting?
  2. What sort of conferences or seminars are you going to attend?

You can attend the following events through a business visa.

  • For seminars
  • For short courses.
  • For training programs/workshops.
  • Participating in arts and music.

Who issues the visa? A Sri Lanka business visa is issued by Sri Lanka diplomatic missions overseas. However, when you are in Sri Lanka and want to extend your stay will have to contact the immigration ministry.

Documents required for Sri Lanka business ETA

An electronic travel authorization is only for a business visa. You can stay in Sri Lanka on a business visa for up to 30 days.

  • Fill in the application form

You can check the application form here; the Sri Lankan government has made sure that each applicant should get a clear idea about the visa application, so they have introduced a few international languages on their page. You can select any of your choices. 

Agree to the terms, but before you select the, I agree, kindly read each point carefully. This way, you will not get into trouble. The mandatory information for the business visa to Sri Lanka is,

  1. Your personal information, such as name, titles, and gender.
  2. Nationality and country of birth.
  3. Your occupation does mention your current occupation. 
  4. Your passport numbers.
  5. The passport issue date.
  6. Your expected arrival date, your purpose of visiting, the port of departure
  7. Contact details of your company.
  • Review your application

After you have mentioned all the details, you will be asked to review your application, in case you feel that something is wrong, you might change it.

  • Pay online

Of course, you will expect to receive your visa before time, so you should pay online for this. Enter your debit or credit card number, and you are food to go. The processing fee for the Sri Lanka business visa is $75.00 USD for SARAC, while for other countries, it is $85.00.

  • Now wait

Once you have applied for the vis, wait for a confirmation email. Usually, the authorities send a confirmation email within a week.