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Sri Lanka Visa for United Kingdom U.K

Traveling is always fun if you are going to meet some friends or explore the world; UK citizens are more privileged than the rest of the world because they can travel to the world's most amazing places with a single passport. So, unlike those who live in Asia or the USA, the UK citizens are more concerned about the guidelines to travel elsewhere than Europe.

In this article, you will get a full-fledged description of what can be done to get the Visa to Sri Lanka. The article's focus will be on the electronic visa, so the ETA visa to Sri Lanka can be obtained for both the regular traveling and business purposes.

Types of ETA Sri Lanka visa for UK citizens

There are two types of ETA visas for UK citizens, and the types of this visa are because of travel purposes.

  • If you plan to visit your friends, family, or to explore the Sri Lankan lands, you will need an ETA travel visa.
  • On the other hand, if you are going to Sri Lanka to attend a seminar, meet some of your business partners, attend a workshop, or organize a business event, you must go with a business visa. 

Things you need to for the Sri Lank visa for British citizens

As you are a UK citizen, you must be confused about the procedure to get a visa to non-European states. Here are a few things that are essential for applying a Visa to Sri Lanka for UK citizens.

Your passport

Your passport is the ID for international traveling issued by your state. To apply for the Visa to Sri Lanka, you need to get a passport. If in case you already have a passport, so before applying, make sure that it is valid.

A valid passport for the Sri Lankan authorities is the one that is valid for the next six months. If your passport’s expiry date says that it will expire in the next five months, your travel to Sri Lanka will be impossible. So, contact the UK government to issue a new passport for you. Here you can apply for the renewal of passport.  

A debit card/ credit card

For the ETA visa, you need an online payment facility. So, for that, a debit/credit card is necessary. Make sure that you are using your debit card, but if in case you do not have any, you can use your father’s or mother’s card only.

An active e-mail

You need an activated and verified e-mail address. That you use for the daily work because the Sri Lankan authorities will send the confirmed visa through the EmailEmail. The e-mail you will receive after applying will tell if your visa was approved or not.

Cost of the Sri Lanka visa or ETA for U.K citizens

The cost of the visa depends upon the type of processing. If you are opting for a standard visa processing time, then it will cost $75