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Apply Now Updated on Sep 19, 2021

Sri Lanka visa for the citizens of Germany

Germany is one of the various countries whose citizens can visit Sri Lanka on a visa on arrival. However, as a German citizen, get a Sri Lanka ETA before departure. Fortunately for you, that document is out there online, and you'll apply on the Site. the method is entirely online, and you'll get your document in as little as a half-hour.

What is a Sri Lanka ETA?

A Sri Lanka ETA "electronic travel authorization" is a travel document that allows visiting Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements For Germany

The short answer is that you simply got to put together some documents and material, and fill in a form. As for the primary part, you would like to feed the site with the proper documentation and material so that the method can start. Here is what you'll need:

Valid passport – to get a Sri Lanka ETA, all applicants must hold a legitimate passport that is still valid for a minimum of another 6 months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka.

Digital photo – confirm that the image is as recent as possible and follows all the rules for a passport photo.

Valid e-mail address – the site will send you the ETA via e-mail in PDF format, which is why you want to provide an e-mail address to which you've got access. don't forget to print out a physical copy before you allow.

Means of payment – You'll be required to form the payment. the site accepts credit or debit cards, but you'll use PayPal as well.

Sri Lanka Visa Fees for Germans

The cost of your Sri Lanka ETA depends on one thing, which is that the time interval you decide on during the appliance process. the site gives you three options, and that they are as follows:

Standard processing – this is often the most cost-effective and slowest option site puts at your disposal. Application processing time is  24 hours, and it costs USD 75.00. If you visit Sri Lanka for business purposes, you would like to use it for a Sri Lanka Business ETA. The time interval options remain an equivalent, but the fees are slightly different: USD 85.00, USD.

Application form on site:

As stated above, you're also required to fill within the form.

The form has three steps:

The first one covers your personal information and therefore the time interval. that's once you make your choice.

Step 2:  payment and revision, but don't underestimate the latter. Corrections are impossible to form after your application reaches processing, however, during which case a mistake invalidates your Sri Lanka ETA.

The last step is when the site asks you to upload the specified documents.

Filling the required information, you'll submit your application.

What is Sri Lanka Visa Validity for German Passport Holders?

The validity of this Sri Lanka ETA for citizens of Germany is of 180 days after issued.

The number of entries granted? Duration of every stay?

2 entries for 30 days maximum.

The bottom line is that a Sri Lanka e-visa for the citizens of Germany is straightforward to get. the site makes most of the trouble on your behalf. We allow you to have longer to specialize in your big adventure!