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Sri Lanka Visa for Denmark Citizens

Sri Lanka Visa for Denmark

The Sri Lanka visa for Danish citizens may be a travel authorization allowing Danish tourists to go to Sri Lanka for 30 days in total. The ETA tourist visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) implemented by the Sri Lankan government to assist improve border control procedures. It is out there for citizens of Denmark, as a part of arranged agreements between governments.

Sri Lanka visa for Danish Passport Holders?

Yes, for Danish citizens to visit Sri Lanka, they need to have a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) that they will apply online to enable them to enter Sri Lanka. the rationale for traveling to Sri Lanka will determine the sort of entry document you ought to apply for. Danish citizens meaning to visit Sri Lanka for tourism are eligible for the tourist visa or ETA.

Individuals visiting Sri Lanka from Denmark for business purposes can apply for an ETA Business which allows them to spend 30 days in total within the country.

For those citizens who are traveling in transit through Sri Lanka, there's also an ETA Transit which allows stays of two days within the airport.

Documents Required for Danish Citizens to get a Sri Lanka Visa

To apply for a Sri Lankan ETA for Danish citizens, you ought to be outside Sri Lanka when doing so and hold a world passport that's valid for a minimum of 180 days (6 months).

You should apply for your Sri Lankan ETA for Danish citizens with the passport that you simply will use to visit Sri Lanka. If you've got dual nationality, remember to require with you the passport that you simply indicated on the appliance.

The main documentation that you simply should have available so as to use is your travel document, that's to mention, the valid passport and any supporting documents that you simply may have to travel.

Applicants make payment through available methods credit/debit card or PayPal. Approved ETA shared on the current valid email address.

Sri Lanka Visa Application for Citizens from Denmark

Danish citizens meaning to visit Sri Lanka require an approval notice from Sri Lanka’s Electronic Travel Authorization system, a forward/return ticket, and evidence of sufficient funds. Travelers must access the Electronic Travel Authorization application online where any eligible Danish citizen can apply for an ETA from Denmark.

The application platform is quick and straightforward to use and once the ETA application is submitted, eligible Danish citizens can expect to receive their approved Sri Lanka ETA within 24 hours.

The system would require travelers to finish the web form with their basic personal information and a few travel details also to answer some simple questions associated with health and security.

The information required can include:

Full name, as represented on passport


Date of birth


Passport issue and expiry date

Passport number

After the request form completion: Danish citizens will need to make the visa fee payment online via credit or open-end credit through the secure platform in order that the requests are often submitted for screening and approval.

The approved ETA is going to be sent via email to the account indicated within the application and therefore the traveler is suggested to download and print a replica of their ETA to present to the acceptable border authorities on arrival in Sri Lanka.